A team of professionals with a strong legal background, we are looking to go one step further from providing legal solutions to those wishing to bridge the gaps to taking the initiative upon themselves to help connect the right investors with the markets they know are safe to operate in and can generate far above market standard returns
Who we are
How it works
We look to build a network, working with an effective boutique approach with specific expertise across the board focusing solely on tendering directly to the client's needs.

They are brought together by the V1 Management Team that pride themselves on communicative and management abilities to be able to achieve the clients need for the lowest costs and with as little "added nonsense" as possible.
Our main focus
Central to a lot of what we do is our V1 Legal team: A boutique legal department with over 25 years of experience on the international legal market that has always had as its main focus, the innovative legal approach to facilitating the bringing of the gaps that have developed between international markets.

They work on a partnership bases with a network of law firms all over the world on individual projects as well as tending to V1's legal needs.
Out Something Special
There is also no doing what we do without our V1 Investigations team that is made up of a team of in house and partner investigators that carry out investigations in all types of cases to make sure that our clients and V1 are always one step ahead when it comes to information.
V1 - Explained
On a takeoff run, the pilot is looking for V1 - a speed when reached, that the takeoff can no longer be aborted - the only option is to commit to flight. Commit with us!
Meet our team
We know we are not your typical investment fund team but it is exactly this that separates us from the rest. We are bringing youth and legal experience to the table and we want to see how distributive our approach will be on the market
  • Sergey Grachev
    co-founder of V1
    Sergey is the co-founder of V1 as well as the Managing Partner of MGAP, a boutique international law firm. His key areas of practice focus on cyber-security, technology, media and telecommunications, digital money and crypto- currency, as well as intellectual property legal advice on complex multi-jurisdictional M&A practice. Based in the United Kingdom, Sergey supervises our unique and vast international network of sources, providers and partners. Maintaining such a network involves consistent personal interactions with an array of vital connections where Sergey's versatile personality is his biggest asset.

    Email: sergei@v1.london
  • Joe Lipman
    co-founder of V1
    Joe is the co-founder of V1. With youth comes great energy. A student at Edinburgh University and part of the Edinburgh Investment and Trading Club, Joe is passionate about finding new and innovative way to invest. With experience working in a law firm as well as emerging market investment funds, Joe is on a mission to take investment into the new age and sees diverse markets as the way to dramatically impact the future.

    Email: joe@v1.london
Contact us
If you have any questions about our investment opportunities or want to ask us anything at all, please reach out using the information below or send us a message right here
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